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About Us

[ Min + Lulu ]


The concept here at Lulu Loves is simple - classic pieces made from only the highest quality materials which are all ethically produced. Nothing cheap and nasty. No regret purchases from us. Just products that will tell a unique story as they age. Because this is what I look for in ANY product I buy for Lulu.

We love a classic, natural toned leather but also have a thing for a little bit of colour. Life isn't meant to be boring. So hit the streets with your pooch and a little bit of fun - our favourite style is a mixture of multiple colours. And we've curated our pallet for a coordination in mind!

We use traditional methods to make each item ordered, by hand, in our Mornington Peninsula workshop. Edges are bevelled and burnished. Conditioner and protectant is applied. Holes and ends are punched. Rivets are fitted to hold our stunning, solid brass hardware in place.

Every day I am inspired to create, as I work through the trauma of a life changing  incident in 2017 where I was 'lucky' to walk away with my life. Without going through this event, Lulu would not be in my life. Nor would Lulu Loves.


Rediscovering leathercraft and creating with my hands has helped me overcome some of the toughest days of my life. It has pushed me to work through my fears and anxieties. The colourful and creative pieces I craft are a reflection of what we should focus on in this world. And our overlapping, three-triangled logo is a representation of Innocence [the past], Resilience [the present] and Aspirations [our future] which is very much a personal meaning but also relevant to how I have tried to influence Lulu's sense of being - she is confident in who she is. She can play if she want's to play. She knows how to stand on her own four feet and be her own self but also, we continue to grow and bond as a pair and work towards a fulfilling life for her which is enriching on multiple fronts - informal training (all the time!), Nose Works, dog-friends, human-friends, a healthy diet, exploring  the land, mental engagement, and contentedness with what we have.

Sloppy Kisses, Min & Lulu

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